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Jan 11, 2022

Welcome to lucky episode number 13! Your new host Aubrey Turner, Executive Advisor at Ping, is thrilled to welcome Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder of the award-winning data platform Meeco. Katryna discusses Meeco’s mission to enable everyone on the planet access to equity and value in exchange for the data and information they share. She talks about why she saw a need for Meeco’s services, what we need to know as we approach a more “physigital”world, and how her vision all started with a Tom Cruise film.
Key Takeaways:
[1:34] Katryna talks about her journey of founding Meeco, and how she was inspired by Tom Cruise’s movie Minority Report. In early 2012 she sat down and wrote a Manifesto, and asked the question: what would happen if everyday people had the power to make really good decisions on data, the way that social networks, government, and enterprise do? How can we create meaningful value and make better decisions with our data?
[8:12] Katryna shares some of her concerns around modern privacy and where she sees things evolving, both good and bad.
[9:35] Technology is neutral. It’s what we do with it that gives it bias and can make it either creepy or cool.
[11:33] What does Katryna mean when she says it starts with trust by design?
[17:22] The next wave may be just starting to bring people and things into the direct value chain, through wearables or IoT devices for example.
[18:31] How can we create better digital onboarding for employees, knowing that even post-COVID-19 our world will not go back to how it was in December 2020? One thing that Katryna is sure of is that we must lean into innovation rather than doing nothing and waiting to see.
[36:13] We must make sure we are paying attention to the misalignment between law and technology, especially when it comes to ethics and the safety of children growing up in a digital-forward world.
  • “I think the challenge for any kind of technology and regulation is a lag factor, not a lead factor.”—Katryna
  • “The line between creepy and cool is one of the things we are always trying to address from a technology point of view.”—Katryna
  • “There isn’t really the option to not find better ways of digitally engaging.”—Katryna
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